Those enamoured of George Miller’s winning way with physical stunts and effects will find some of their dismay at his adoption of CGI for the Max franchise warranted. Others curious to see how his flair for choreography at high speed might play out, released from its material bonds, will appreciate some new possibilities but perhaps have expected more flamboyance than is here delivered. Miller seems unconcerned with expectations and is going his own way, in his own way.

Anya Taylor-Joy fills Charlize Theron’s shoes without much trouble and maybe lends the character more gravitas than Charlize’s cool take, while Miller makes the most of Ms Joy’s remarkable eyes. Chris Hemsworth is unrecognizable, and it seems like he’s been allowed to act for the first time. Furiosa‘s main failing might be a needlessly circuitous plot. Also, its revenge theme is overthought to the point of… well, just wait till the end.

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