Ghost In The Shell

A remake of the 1995 anime. That film’s story about semi-outlaw cyber cops chasing a rogue entity that has evolved out of the internet has been dispensed with for an episode of Find My Family, with lashings of chop socky in leather boots. Sexy technology has been put in the too hard basket and we get sexy lighting instead – and a few gizmos borrowed from other movies.  ScarJo summons sufficient introverted gravitas to hold down the part of The Major.

Whitewashing is a thing and the controversy about this film’s casting is rendered more problematic when the characters’ body upgrades are from Japanese to caucasian, but that arrangement is faithful to the 1995 animation that Ghost in The Shell is based on. It may or may not be relevant that this writer once interviewed that work’s director, Mamoru Oshii, who said at the time that he had never made a movie with a western audience in mind.

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