Play Misty For Me (1971)

Drive me to distraction.

Drive me to distraction.

A great popcorn-munching, psycho-watching, knife-wielding suburban thriller that precedes and outclasses the bunny boiling Fatal Attraction – ’cause look, back in the day, who drove women crazier, Clint or Michael Douglas? There’s interesting debate to be had on whether it’s feminist, misogynist or just… from the 70s. Clint tries to do the right thing by minorities and the apposite gender as well as the local artisans, interior decorators and haberdashers of Carmel By the Sea, the hamlet which in a later decade he would rule as Mayor.


  • Oh yeah, love this movie! Saw it long ago, then years later after having watched Arrested Development. I said to myself, “Hey! That’s Lucille Bluth!” I love it when that happens. As for your question, I vote “just… from the 70’s.” After all, guys can be just as psycho as girls, right?

  • Thanks for sorting that out!

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