This temporally stretched essay on sex addiction seems more concerned with effects than causes, though an abusive past is indicated for two siblings, played by Fassbender and Mulligan. The classy cast, stylish minimalism and enough things going wrong sustain tension and suspense, but too many scenes plod multiple laps of the room to little effect.

That a misshapen childhood presages a maladapted adult is a point well made, but for value I’d have to recommend the earlier and not dissimilar McQueen/Fassbender outing Hunger, before this.


  • Mark Elder

    haven’t seen it, but the bulk of the press about it seemed enthralled at Mr Fassbender’s draft stopper. Does everyoe have to have an abusive past to make them susceptible to addictions? I don’t think they do – sometimes it’s just boredom, ennui, a sense of powerlessness or a need for comfort like a more self destructive thumb sucking.

  • Hmm well it’s just a movie but… despite what they used to call it, the addiction is not simple ‘self abuse’ in this case. Sexuality is part of the human makeup and if his is bent out of shape he can’t have normal sex and therefore can’t have normal relationships. Basically he keeps physically throwing himself at people, as well as obsessively fantasising about it, but fails to make connections.

  • Fassbender puts in a remarkable performance in this film… Not seen Hunger, but is on my list. Slowly catching up.

  • Jolly good.

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